Passionate about the creation of cutting edge computer graphics. Adaptable, enthusiastic with exposure to a wide range of technical areas throughout the CG pipeline. With over 4 and a half years experience in the high end VFX, creating and working on complex systems and tools. An attention to detail and a visual eye with experience at working as a team player or an independent individual.

email :: mail[at]jamesleaning[dot]co[dot]uk


March 2011 - March 2012 ::
Weta Digital :: Developer.

July 2007 - September 2010 ::
Moving Picture Company :: Developer/TD.

July 2006 - September 2006 ::
Moving Picture Company :: Student Intern Developer/TD.

Examples of just some of the more interesting work is shown below...

SIGGRAPH 2010 ::

Talk speaker ::
Feathers for Mystical Creatures: Creating Pegasus for “Clash of the .
PDF | ACM Library PDF | SIGGRAPH Encore Video

Talk contributor ::
Furtility: Dynamic Grooming for “Wolfman”.
ACM Library PDF | SIGGRAPH Encore Video

(An Unexpected Journey) ::

* Work on new Weta tools (can not disclose info till fim release in December).

TINTIN (Secret of the Unicorn) ::

* Work on the new Weta feather system.

NARNIA 3 (Dawn Treader) ::

* Large scale automation of the fur dynamics pipeline:
* Added Animation Curves support to the internal 3D Library.
* Added support for fur dynamic advanced field and constraint attenuate including based on surfaces and volumes.
* Fur troubleshooting.


* Overhaul of many fur dynamic software aspects.
* Fur dynamics targeting.
* Improved fur morphing techniques.
* Fur troubleshooting.


* Render time fur dynamics retiming.
* Improved fur dynamic constraining.
* Fur troubleshooting.


* Complete feather system that integrated into existing fur system and reused existing curve primitive deformers. For more info about this large project see details about my 2010 SIGGRAPH talk above.
* Added weight painting to 3D paint system.
* Improved procedural animation support for fur/feathers.
* Fur/Feather troubleshooting.


* Improve Dynamic fur to render fur targeting.
* Overhaul crowd cloth pipeline.
* Fur troubleshooting.


* Complete semi automated procedural city layout system with with automated prop dressing. Was a big project here is an attempt at a Talk Abstract PDF with more details.
* Particle tree rendering pipeline and tools.
* Optimization of asset previewing in lighting software.
* Fur troubleshooting.

Talk content contributor ::
Managing Thousands of Assets for the "Prince of Persia" City of
ACM Library PDF | SIGGRAPH Encore Video


* New hair styling Maya plugin. Included a large amount of features including... TODO
* Fur to surface meshing.
* Spring clean fur system code.

* And a topiary preview and generation system with custom optimized PRMan rendering.

G.I. JOE (he Rise of Cobra) ::

* Optimizing and enhancing particle rendering tools.
* Optimized environment and character asset preview/render tools.

NARNIA 2 (Prince Caspian) ::

* The fighting tree system.
* FX rendering enhancements.

10'000 BC::

* Ability to spawn objects from fur (grass seeds on grass and mud/debris in fur).
* Worked on the then new character/crowd asset preview/render pipeline.


Partial RI compliant CUDA GPU accelerated multi threaded REYES render.

iPhone/Android games engine and games (soon).

A very neglected photo blog here:


Bournemouth University (NCCA) :: 2004 – 2007
.BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation & Animation

Sleaford Joint Sixth Form :: 2002 - 2004
.A-Levels :: Art, Computer Studies (ICT), Electronics, Maths


Created Biscuit 3D software suite. Was a lua/python scriptable C++ 3D library with OpenGL preview with a Node based interface which ran in a PRMan procedural DSO for rendered output.

Node based 2D image editing software written in C with GTK (ick).

Other random software like tree/forest generator, Cloud raymarcher, flame fractal generator, wikipedia visualizer, procedural terrain generator.

Non photorealistic rendering system and Animation.

FX and comp work on group animation project 'The Obvious Threat (to untold number of citizens)' was featured on the channel frederator animation podcast.

Lighting, FX and Environment work on group animation project ' least I'm alive... ', the characters currently being developed into a children animation series I hear.



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